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Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program with Contour Weight Loss. Start today for a healthier, slimmer tomorrow!

Our goal is to make you look and feel great!  We are here to help you reach your goal weight and  help you improve how you feel about yourself! Weight loss is a personal issue; everyone has different goals for weight loss and percent of body fat they want to achieve.

*Contour Weight Loss is designed for you to achieve your weight loss goals in a safe, comfortable and supportive program.

This is a medically supervised program,  there’s no magic pill that will help you lose the weight it’s a lifestyle change. We address all the areas that people usually fail. This is a educational program that teaches you how to eat right.” –Mark Blake, MD

MLB Umpire tell’s Pounds you’re Outta here!

“My wife and I went to see Dr. Blake – we learned how to eat right and the pounds started dropping off, I feel great!” –Bruce Froemming, Former Major League Baseball Umpire

“With this, I was never hungry, didn’t kill myself excersing and I lost 30 pounds in a 4 months. Healthy weight loss…” Patient DW

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